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A Tint Shop You Can Trust 

Auto Addictions LLC. We stand behind our work 100% and take pride in a job well done. And use the highest quality film backed by a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!

Window Tinting

At Auto Addictions you’ll get…

Friendly and Helpful Staff

No one knows more about window tinting for vehicles than Auto Addictions LLC. Our knowledge of window tint laws, vehicles, and the latest film innovations is the perfect combination to insure that you get the right film.

Expert Installation

Our installers have years of experience in window tinting. Plus we’ve tinted thousands of automobiles, every make and model, so you know you’ll get the best work on your vehicle.

Computer cut window tint, so no damage to your car.

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High Quality Films (all SUNTEK)​

No more Bubbled-Purple window tint. We use only the latest improved quality and high performance window films with a life time warranty.

Offering: 5%  15%   25%   35%   60%  

and now a Ceramic 70%